High resolution hyperspectral at your fingertips.

The world has been waiting for high-res hyperspectral imaging from space to become commercially accessible. An advanced spectral imaging technique that collects hundreds of images at different wavelengths to form 3D data blocks, hyperspectral imaging has the power to detect incredible details invisible to conventional imaging standards.

This information-rich imagery will change the game in agriculture, forestry, environmental and emissions monitoring, energy, and defence. Wyvern’s deployable optics telescope, one that unfolds in space, is the key to unlocking high resolution hyperspectral imagery from space.



Hyperspectral Imaging: Better Data. Better Insights.

Hyperspectral images contain more colours than other types of imagery, meaning it captures the spectral signature of your crop or forest. Like magic, Wyvern’s imagery reveals hidden insights: the chemistry of the scene.

Multi­spectral Imagery

Limited to <10 colours.

Wyvern’s Hyper­spectral Imagery

Richer images
More detail
30+ colours

for our first generation satellite

Our proprietary unfolding camera unlocks new frontiers.

We’re designing telescopes that are compact on launch and deploy in space, meaning we pack better performance in a smaller, cheaper-to-launch package.

With hyperspectral imagery, it’s hard to get quality images with a high signal-to-noise ratio and resolution. Our increased light collecting area will allow for just that: more light in more bands while maintaining <5 m resolution.

We’re a Canadian space data company who is redesigning the satellite to enable a sustainable future for humanity.

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