The future of hyperspectral imaging.

Wyvern by the Numbers

1 m VNIR
Expected 2023
5 m SWIR
Expected 2023
Gen 1 Launch Date
$ 0 M
Capital Raised (USD)
Team Members
(150% YOY Growth)
4 of 6
Executives are Women

About Wyvern

Founded in 2018, Wyvern is changing the way we use satellite imaging on Earth. As one of Canada’s fastest growing space startups, we are set to launch our first generation cube satellites later this year.

Our cutting-edge unfolding camera technology is changing the remote imaging industry by delivering high resolution hyperspectral data from space. This information-rich data will open exciting market development opportunities in major industries like agriculture, forestry, energy, environmental monitoring, and defence.

The true power of hyperspectral imaging is in its ability to see incredible details, including chemical composition, that are invisible to conventional imaging standards. Access to this high quality imaging for everyday use will supercharge our customers’ business intelligence, analytics, and forecasting capabilities.


Wyvern gets funding to expand hyperspectral imaging market

SpaceNews  |  February 11, 2022

Wyvern receives $4M for agriculture emissions study

SpaceQ  |  February 7, 2022

Space startup Wyvern raises $4.5M and joins YC’s latest cohort

TechCrunch  |  January 17, 2022

AAC Clyde Space selected by Wyvern as intended supplier of space data

AAC Clyde Space  |  March 31, 2021

Wyvern hyperspectral technology garners contract from Defence Research and Development Canada

SpaceQ  |  March 25, 2021

The Canadian Space Agency awards $7.15 million in technology contracts

SpaceQ  |  August 4, 2020

Wyvern: A space startup that helps farmers track farm health

SME10X  |  July 7, 2019

Space startup Wyvern wants to make data about Earth’s health much more accessible

TechCrunch  |  June 21, 2019

Blog & Press Releases

Celebrating a Canadian Pioneer and New Beginnings this International Women’s Day 2022

March 9, 2022

Better space data to reduce Canada’s agricultural environmental impact

February 7, 2022

Wyvern raises USD$4.5M in seed funding, enters Y Combinator Winter 2022 cohort

January 17, 2022

Meet some women of Wyvern during #WorldSpaceWeek

October 1, 2021

Wyvern secures key partners for satellite launch & operations and data delivery

June 30, 2021

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